The perfect maternitydress

Magician sweater

Combine endlessly

Combine your maternity dress with tops from your own wardrobe or borrow one of his shirts.

The perfect maternity dress; now in 3 colours

Happy Customers!

You are a Magician

From the start it was clear which color the jumper was going to be: Lavender. The color that enhances your intuition.
Dare to dive!

No regular revenue model, but everything from a holistic perspective


About Swan


I’m Swan, founder and designer of this new holistic concept.
Here my passion for developing beautiful and sustainable products meets my love for spirituality and the new world. I am a conscious entrepeneur in this new age and a mother of two. Click to read more about my story. Adventure awaits!

Holistic perspective

From sustainability we move to a holistic view. Just being sustainable isn’t enough anymore, i want to approach everything from a holistic perspective. I want to be an entrepeneur in this new age, minimise, live a more relaxed life, flow with the energy of the moon and feel nature. I’m not here to give the world fashion but to give beautiful high quality products that are created by following my intuition. I’m doing this so I can support you in your process, whether it is a pregnancy or a spiritual dive deep into yourself. Follow your intuition!

Of course, sustainability is still an important part of the business operations.

For example, we always choose the best materials and go for quality. We make a better planning for the seamstresses that get paid well and don’t work overtime. But we also stand for CO2 neutral transport, compensating for pollution and we are not using plastic packaging.

Do you want to learn more about the production process?

Sustainable, let’s go!