Swan equals quality, sustainability and a holistic life.

Hi there, I’m glad you came to my website. That means you are probably ready to feel confident, comfortable and sexy in the sustainable items from Swan and The People.

During my own pregnancy, the idea for a sustainable black multipurpose maternity dress initiated. My experience in the fashion industry and my love for sustainable living and fair production processes shaped the idea further. After having enjoyed 1,5 years of entrepreneurship, it’s time to go one step deeper. Swan and the People goes from being a sustainable pregnancy dress to a holistic brand. Read more about Swan here.

" If I do something it has to be a WIN-WIN. Abundance for all and create together. "

Swan and the People was born

I went from the 6th to the 2nd gear and I love it! I have been interested in sustainability for a long time; from a plastic-free bathroom to baking my own bread and only buying clothes from sustainable brands or second hand. Living a sustainable life became more and more important to me and my wish became clear: I also wanted to work in a slower pace and with a focus on sustainability, so I started my own business.

During my career I developed a love for Portugal. It’s no surprise that the beautiful factory we work with is located in Portugal.

I also only wanted to produce sustainably. My connections and experiences in the fashion industry brought me to a beautiful end result.

I would love to tell you more about my sustainable production process!

About Swan

Fifteen years ago, I moved from a small town in the east of the Netherlands to Amsterdam to study at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and immerse myself in the busy city life. It went well for me: an internship in Shanghai, a job with Claudia Sträter, I worked for more than 10 years for high-quality Dutch fashion brands. I worked at companies where margins became more and more important: the product was pushed to a second position. That couldn’t have been the intention, could it? I go for quality! Also, producing outside of Europe made me feel more and more uncomfortable. I had the opportunity to work for a small label that did most of its production in Portugal. But also at this job, I felt more and more guilty about emissions, worker rights.. It did not feel sustainable enough.

Did I still like this job?

That pink cloud

Party time four times a week, working out thrice ánd a full-time job. I lost myself in our beautiful capital.

Until I got pregnant with our son. Sick, weak and nauseous, that was my first pregnancy. Besides work I couldn’t do anything anymore, I experienced a real resistance from within myself. Frustrating? Yes! Necessary? Yes, that too. My primal instinct woke up! I was used to a ‘fast’ and hectic life, I now had to step on the brakes.

This turned out to be a blessing in disguise: I started thinking and had time for a good dose of self-reflection. What did I discover? Rest does so much for your body: I took meditation courses during my pregnancy and I participated in a retreat.

In the meantime I was sitting on the sofa, with my growing belly, looking for a nice black dress.

A piece of clothing that I could use during my whole pregnancy, to combine with everything and that would make me feel ánd look beautiful.When I asked my friends where to buy something like that, I always got the same answer: “I have no idea, but that’s what I’ve been looking for since my first pregnancy!”

The idea for Swan and the People began to bubble. I am going to design a dress that I can wear throughout my whole pregnancy and combine it with my own clothes. A dress that grows with the belly and the boobs!

& so I started Swan and the People. One sustainably produced maternity dress. This turned out to be a success and I continued to develop, both in my private life and with Swan and the People. After I had my children I felt I was being pulled back. I felt the need to delve deeper and deeper into myself. I feel the shift of the new era immensely. My feminine energy shows itself and my intuition opens up more and more. I am reaching the core of things. I feel the need to combine spirituality with sustainability in my company. To adopt a holistic way of thinking. but also to be a holistic brand in this new world. Everything is connected. 

We are Magicians!

Pregnancy | Holistic | Natural materials | Quality | Motherhood | Age of Aquatius | A new way of living

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