Meet Swan

about swan

The woman and mother behind Swan and the People is Zwaantje Harms. After years of a successful career in the fashion industry, she decided to go her own way. Driven by her own values such as quality, sustainability and spiritual growth. As new life sprouted in her belly during her first pregnancy, the beautiful concept of Swan and the People sprang up in her heart. 

With a growing belly, she sat on the couch, searching for the perfect basic black dress. A durable garment that she could wear throughout her pregnancy, whose quality would remain good and that she could easily combine with her own wardrobe.

And so the idea for the Swan Dress was born. Inspired by her own experience, Swan created a dress that supports mothers and helps them reach their true potential. She understands the magical transformation that motherhood brings and wants to inspire other women to pass on their own values to their children.

At Swan and the People, we encourage mothers to stop, reflect and embrace themselves at this special stage of their lives. We want them to take the next step in their journey as mothers and as women with confidence and joy.

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Our sustainable production process

A greener alternative to viscose
Our maternity dresses are made from Ecovero, a sustainable alternative to viscose. With this material, we want to have a positive impact on both you and the planet. This extraordinary material is made from wood pulp from carefully managed forests in Europe.

Compared to conventional viscose, only half the amount of water and energy is used. The fabric feels wonderfully soft on the skin, is elastic and offers optimal comfort. It is a dress that honors and supports your beautiful pregnant body. 

Atelier Porto
Aterlier Porto

Time, attention and craftsmanship

From designing the product to the seamstresses who produce the dresses, we want everyone in the production process to have enough time. Time to create with attention and love. No overtime, but fair working conditions.

We work with a fantastic studio in Portugal. It's great to work with the Portuguese. Because it is a small-scale factory, we not only know the contacts, but also the people who work there. From the pattern makers and seamstresses to the quality controllers and logistics staff. We have had a close cooperation with this factory for many years. They know our standards and values and how we work.

sustainable production process
Aterlier Porto

A loving gesture to Mother Earth

Conscious Shipping
The transportation of our dresses from Portugal to the Netherlands is handled by a Dutch partner that has sustainability as a high priority.

For example, they use Euro 6 engines, the cleanest engines in the Netherlands. Moreover, they have achieved the highest achievable result at Lean & Green.

At Swan, we avoid plastic as a loving gesture to our planet. Our packages are also kept as compact as possible - for example, the dress fits exactly into a box that fits through the mailbox.

A loving gesture
Our desire to give back goes beyond simply promoting sustainability. We strive to offset pollution at the local level and proudly support projects created by inspiring women.

An example of our commitment is our collaboration with the Lord Ikigai Foundation, which is dedicated to food forests and picking gardens. This inspiring project is only 24 km away from Swan and the People. With love and dedication, we have contributed to this special venture, which nourishes the earth and fills our hearts with joy.