Production process time

What does sustainability mean at Swan and The People?
You have probably heard of sustainability before. And you probably automatically think of sustainable fabric, like organic cotton?
For us, sustainability is more than that!

 Time counts!
Giving people the time to create something, with attention and love, that is the basis for a sustainable and fair production process. There must be enough time to design a product, but the seamstresses should also be given enough time to create the actual product, without working overtime.

When the process of production is delayed somewhere along the way, for most clothing brands, the deadline for delivery to stores is not postponed. The seamstresses instead just get less time to assemble the garment. Is this fair? Nope. For me, with the experience in production I have, there was no doubt: this part of the process also has to be fair. Seamstresses should get enought time to do their part, and they do not work overtime. 

Design, it’s all in the details!
It is important that, from the very first drawing onwards, as many details as possible are considered. Due to the time pressure under which the designers work for other clothing brands, there is often no eye for detail. With Swan and the People, quantity never trumps quality! Under time pressure, there is more room for errors, and that is always attributable to the factory. Extra work for the factory but no extra time. Swan and The People wants to improve these working conditions, create a beautiful product and conduct fair trade.

Transport and emissions
Finally, time and attention to transport is important. This has an immediate impact on CO2 emissions. The fact that Swan and the People works with a slightly longer delivery time means that goods can be bundled together and therefore transported much more efficiently. This is different from the big clothing brands. Under time pressure, they often choose planes instead of road transport. Or even send a half-full truck. We want to be sure that the transport process is smooth and sustainable, even if that means a slightly longer delivery time.

Time is therefore important in all facets of the production process. This is therefore one of our core values. Another core value is that Swan and the people is plastic free. Click here to learn more about the packaging.

Giving seamstress enough time to produce, that is important to me.


Naaister genoeg tijd geven om te produceren, dat vind ik belangrijk.