Materiaal keuze

The Swan maternity dress is made of Ecovero, which is a sustainable version of Viscose. Ecovero is made from wood pulp that comes from original and FSC/PEFC certified forests in Europe. The wood is made into wood pulp in Austria. The production company that does this is focused on maximum sustainability. The chemicals that are used to dissolve the wood into pulp are reused. This is called a ‘closed loop’ production process. In addition, the bleaching process is 100% chlorine-free. Compared to ordinary viscose, there are 50% less emissions and only half the amount of water and energy is used.

Why we chose this material for the dress?
We are viscose-lovers! Viscose is a very feminine and natural material. The dress can be worn all seasons, remains nice after washing, is easy to use and grows with your belly. Viscose lasts long and does not contribute to the plastic soup.

The fabric is wonderfully soft against the skin, elastic and comfortable to wear. Truly a dress that makes you feel pretty. But especially let’s you grow elegantly, with your beautiful pregnant body.

Are there more sustainable alternatives?
Yes, we also looked at organic cotton. But cotton is a lot stiffer, less feminine. Viscose is smoother and softer.

Polyester from recycled PET bottles would have been an option. A nice initiative, but polyester does not feel comfortable on the skin. Not to mention the unpleasant odors that you can experience more quickly with polyester. We stand behind this material choice 100%: Viscose it is!

Material choice Magician jumper
The Magician jumper is made of 100% organic cotton. A natural material and most commonly used in the fashion world.Cotton is only allowed the label “organic” if the farmer did not use harmful pesticides and fertilizers for at least three years. This means that the soil is healthy and the water clean. Not using pesticides and fertilizers also benefits the farmer’s and the workers’ health. There are absolutely no harmful substances in the cotton of this jumper. And only knowing that already makes it feel more comfortable. 

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