The beautiful factory we work with is located in Portugal

It is nice to work with the Portuguese. They are reliable, think along with you and after working together for a long time you become family. And they are extremely hospitable.

Because it is a small factory, I know not only my contact person, I know everyone in the factory; from the pattern makers to the seamstresses and from the quality control department to logistics. I have been working with this small factory for years, so they know who I am and how I work.

The factory in Portugal has been around for more than 30 years and also works for other European brands. I find this especially important for the pattern makers, they now know the shapes of the women here. The factory also works with several sustainable brands. I like this because it keeps us all focused. We can share the latest developments and learn from each other.

I try to visit the factory a few times a year. This helps us bond and it’s great to see the seamstresses working on our product. I try to convey my passion and love for creating beautiful products to the seamstresses. Because of that, they also feel the Swan and The People vibe when they’re working on our dress!

Innovative working method
I always tell them that speed, quantity and margins are secondary to quality for me. This was a true gear shift for the seamstresses in the beginning! They became accustomed to the mass and the speed in which they had to work. It is very nice for them to be able to work on a beautiful product like our dress, especially when they have the time to do so! Read more about time here.

By having intensive contact with the factory in Portugal, I can communicate my passion and love for the product.


Door intensief contact te hebben met de fabriek kan ik mijn passie en liefde voor het product goed over brengen.