This sweater is made for making memories.

Magician Journey

A package full of selfcare

Magician journey box

 A jumper to feel comfortable in and to spread your beautiful energy into the world around you, that is the Magician Journey package.

A sustainable housekeeping program to help you keep your house clean whilst creating a fine positive energy.
And the tea is for relaxing.

A holistic pack. Freshly picked, your adventure awaits!

All you can eat household program

No more cleaning products that you can not eat. Clean your windows with a mixture of water and lemon juice, or treat yourself to a cleansing face mask made from yoghurt, turmeric and honey. Let’s go on together. Gain access to a private instagram page from which we will explore a different part of the house every month. It isn’t rocket science. I want to offer you a easy-to-follow program, little steps you can take so that after the program is over you can eat every cleaning product in your house. Now that’s what I call luxury!

Slow down, you is always with you.

Madam Cha tea

My intuition has led me to these 3 teas. I am a huge fan of this package:
A honey forest tea, this is one of my favorites. Full of flavor and a huge iron boost.

Bali chai is super tasty and looks awesome. This tea is almost fluorescent pink! A homemade herbal blend with all fresh ingredients from the island of Bali. Fresh and fruity, let the day begin.

And last but not least, a lavender tea cannot be missing. A soothing tea, a fragrant bath or a cold lemonade, make it yours.

From the start it was clear which color the jumper was going to be: Lavender. The color that enhances your intuition.
Dare to dive!

There you go! I made this package with love. I hope it takes you to your next level. Are you done with your adventure, or has the jumper lost its meaning for you? Pass it on and let's create together!